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Fuji tip top with gold frame and silicon carbide ringGuides come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. If you have no preference, we will match
the best possible guides to the rod you choose, and within your budget.

For fly rods, there are traditional snake guides, single-foot wire guides, and a lightweight metal-frame guide with a ring insert design. We can do any of these on a fly rod, but prefer the single-foot frame and ring style (shown left).

Spinning and casting rods have almost entirely gone to this type of guide, and the variations are endless. There are some basic questions to ask that will help with your choices:
  • Black, gold, or silver frames?
  • Fresh or saltwater?
  • Will braided line or monofilament be used on the rod?
There are other options, of course, so feel free to look at any of these manufacturer websites to find what you need. The manufactors we like best are Fuji, Pac Bay, Batson (ALPS), American Tackle, and REC to name a few, but the choice is yours.

For guide placement, we have found that every rod blank has its own distinct "personality" and this requires particular care in the placement of guides. We static-test each rod we build and then place the guides according to where they need to be on that rod to correctly distribute the load. This will give you better performance, less wear-and-tear on the line and the rod, and will be more comfortable to use.
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